Photo Love: A Blooming Good Time

April 2011 & 2013

April 2011 & 2013

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  1. has she grown!!! <3

  2. the difference 2 years make :-) she is so pretty!

  3. Maureen says:

    Very cute!!!!!

  4. Great picture! At least the shirt and tree are similar!

  5. You should totally try to re-create this every 2 years…with that same shirt on him and her in pink. Eventually, she may need to switch from his shoulders to his back, but still…could be such a fun way to document the passing of time!

    • It’s so funny because so many people have asked me (and Mike) if he purposely wore the same shirt! Which, of course, like you clearly knew from your comment, he did. That’s a great idea to recreate it every two years. He’ll never be allowed to get rid of that shirt now, no matter how old and worn it gets!

  6. Kelly – that was absolutely precious!

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