Organizing Tip Of The Week: Purge Before Purchase

Tip #2: Purge before purchase.

It’s tempting when you embark on an organizing project to run out and buy tons of pretty baskets and boxes and bins.  Trust me, I understand.  I find The Container Store to be a little slice of heaven.  But my tip today is to purge before you purchase.  Once you’ve pared down your clutter and sorted what remains, you will then (and only then) have a very clear picture of what you need to buy to keep everything orderly.

P.S. You can check out last week’s tip here.

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  1. Exactly! I’ve made the error before of over purchasing baskets. So annoying because you’re then trying to return them or find a place to store them!

  2. :-) I will keep this in mind! I love baskets too much but should definitely do so purging first! :-)

  3. donnaheaney says:

    Good Idea!

  4. Yes, good idea. Mabey get rid of stuff one was going to organize thereby solving two problems! Thanks for the reminder to “purge” I swear I hardly ever buy anything and yet I always seem to be drowning in “stuff” :)

  5. Guilty! I always use the excuse that the pretty boxes and bins will inspire me to get organized.

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