Annabelle’s Rockin’ Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day just around the corner, little Miss Annabelle has been hard at work on a gift for her daddy.  Last year we made him a handprint craft.  This year we decided to make him a paperweight that he could bring to work.

My Dad Rocks Paperweight Father's Day GiftThe first step was finding the perfect rock…

FD Gift 2013 Searching...After a little searching, we had a winner.

FD Gift 2013 Found The Rock!I washed all the dirt off the rock and let it dry.  The next day, it was time to paint.

FD Gift 2013 Painting 2

FD Gift 2013 Painting Close-up

FD Gift 2013 Painting 1As always seems to be the case, after awhile she abandoned her project and started painting herself…

FD Gift 2013 Annabelle Painting HerselfOnce the rock was dry I used a Sharpie to add a little message…

My Dad Rocks PaperweightI made sure to sign and date the back…

My Dad Rocks Paperweight 2As you all know from gifts she has made in the past for her dad, Annabelle cannot keep a secret.  So despite my efforts to explain to her that this was a surprise gift for daddy and that we had to wait until Father’s Day to give it to him, the minute he walked in the door she squealed, “I painted a rock for you to bring to work!  It’s a surprise!!”  And then she grabbed his hand and lead him over to where we had hidden it to dry.  Apparently we need to review the definition of the word surprise.

Here are a few other gifts that Annabelle has made for her daddy:

A Birthday Present For Daddy (Finger Painting!)

A Father’s Day Present For Daddy (Handprint!)

A Christmas Present For Daddy

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  1. too cute! she is so pretty and I really like this idea for a gift! :-)

  2. Love this… thanks for sharing a great idea for father’s day!

  3. And it surprises you that a 3 yr old Miss Cutie anted the surprise to be NOW? lol! Adorable.

  4. I love it when kid crafts aren’t only cute, but practical, too! And that photo of her painting herself is priceless. I know I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but you’ve got a real cutie on your hands! 😉


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