Father’s Day “Cupcakes”

Looking for something sweet to whip up your BBQ-loving dad?  Check out these “cupcakes” that I made last Father’s Day (they are actually brownies made in muffin pans.)  I found the recipe for them here.

Ready to get your grill on?  Ok, here we go.

First, we have “Pork Chops” made from molded Caramel Creams with black food coloring “grill marks”…

Then some “Chicken Shish Kabobs” made from Carmel Creams and Dots Candies…

And last but not least, Hot Tamale “Hot Dogs”.

They were super easy and fun to make.  And I happen to think they look pretty hilarious.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful, love-filled Father’s Day on Sunday!



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  1. They look like the real thing!

  2. How fun and creative! Thanks for sharing these! ~Vickie

  3. These are really sweet and inventive; I’ve never seen anything like them! You are amazing! You could patent them!

  4. Wow! What a clever idea! Mark LOVES grilling (even in the muggy Florida heat)…so I’m pinning this as a potential birthday treat for him next November. These are such too cute!

  5. Lovely idea very creative !!

  6. I love the creativity of this of using candies and orange sprinkles to look like flame! Beautiful work!

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