Photo Love: Little Gymnast

February 2012

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  1. She looks so tiny! What a doll. Our babies grow so fast. Sniff.

  2. It doesn’t get any sweeter than this! She is lovely!

  3. Omg, this is just adorable. That little outfit is just too precious!

  4. says:

    OMG…she is beautiful!

  5. Be still my heart!

  6. Love llove, love this! How adorable! My 3 year old just started gymnastics and I love watching the itty bitties. They are too precious!

    • Isn’t it adorable to watch them jumping and swinging and walking across the beam? Right now she’s in a mommy and me class, but come the fall she’ll be on her own! I can’t believe it…especially when I look at this little picture from last year.

  7. Incredibly cute! You must be so proud of her! She is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. She is so beautiful! she look like a little doll in this picture! :-)

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