Last Day Of School Sign

You may remember that way back in September, when Annabelle started school for the first time, I made a sign to take her picture with each year on the first day of school.

I made it dry erase so I could personalize the bottom each year with the date, her age, grade, etc.

First Day Of School With PersonalizationOn Friday, her last day of school for the year, I thought it would be cute to take a last day of school picture, to see just how much she’s grown over the course of a school year. So I took out her First Day Of School Sign and simply crossed out the First and wrote in Last. Here she is heading to her last day of school. (The blocked out portion says the name of her school).

Last Day Of School June 2013!And here she is way back in September on her very first day of school…

First Day Of School Sept. 2013Next week…she starts camp!

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  1. good idea Kelly! :-) and she is too cute :-)

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