Annabelle’s 3rd Birthday Party Invitation

Tomorrow my little love turns three.  (Seriously, when did that happen?!)  So party planning is in full swing for a little family bash we’re throwing for her on Saturday.

Her first birthday party was a Garden Party.  Her second, a Sesame Street themed affair.  For this year’s theme, because Annabelle and I frequentley like to get crafty together, we decided on an Art Party.

AB Invite FrontI’ve been busy planning lots of fun artsy activities for Annabelle and all her little cousins.  The weather currently calls for rain, so I am trying to remain calm as visions of 10 paintbrush-weilding kiddies running around my house, dance through my brain.  The picture I used on the front of her invite is her painting a Christmas gift for daddy.  And her little paint covered hands on the back of the invite are whipping up some handmade thank you notes.

AB Invite BackCan’t wait to share all the fun birthday details with you!

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  1. very pretty and I’m sure she will have a beautiful birthday too tomorrow! :-) Happy Birthday to your daughter Annabelle :-)

  2. So cute!

  3. Happy Birthday to Annabelle!! :-)

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