Spooky Soap

Because of allergies, Annabelle’s school has strict policies on bringing food in for the kids.  So for Halloween, I needed a non-food treat for her classmates.

May I present Spooky Soap…

Spooky SoapI found the idea on Pinterest, originally from Milk and Cuddles blog.  She made her soap with spiders inside.  I used bouncy ball eyeballs as my spooky element.  (You can head on over to Milk and Cuddles to see exactly how the soap is made.)

SS Close-upI wrapped each Spooky Soap in a plastic bag and tied on a little tag that read, “Happy Halloween!  Frightfully Yours, Annabelle.”

SS PackagingI made the tags in PicMonkey and then printed them out in Word.

SS Tags In WordThen I mounted them on black cardstock and tied them with black curling ribbon.

Spooky Soap Wrapped and TaggedAnnabelle loves the soap.  It took her four baths, but she finally reached the eyeball and has since not stopped bouncing (and chasing) it.  She was very excited to share the soap with all her little friends.

This year marks the first Halloween that she one, picked her own costume and two, is excited to go trick or treating.  Here’s my purple butterfly all dressed up and ready for some treats.

Annabelle Halloween 2013If you’re looking for more non-food Halloween treats, check out the adorable Glow Stick Brooms Alex over at NorthStory made.

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

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  1. Soooooo cute, Kelly!
    Can’t believe how big she is getting!

  2. So clever, I love it :-) Izabel

    • Thank you. I was so excited when I saw the idea on Pinterest. And then when I found the bouncy ball eye balls, I knew the kids would love them.

  3. :-) great idea these spooky soaps and Annabelle looks adorable in her costume
    happy halloween

  4. Annabelle looks so sweet as a purple butterfly. We had quite a lot of children just ready this year. it was so fun for me seeing them dressed up and able to join in. :)

    • Thank you, Sharon. I know what you mean. This was her first year really “getting it” and it was such a joy to watch.

  5. How cute are those soaps? Love them! And your new site looks great!!!!!

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