Organizing Tip Of The Week: Make Your Bed

Tip #7: Make your bed every morning.

I’ve written about this tip before but it’s so easy and makes such a difference, I thought I’d throw it out there again.  Making your bed each morning takes two minutes.  (Three if you’ve got a lot of fancy-schmancy pillows.)  Yet, it’s one of those quick and easy tasks that completely changes the state of your bedroom.  Instantly your room appears more orderly.  It’s a simple (daily) two minute transformation.


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  1. I sooooo agree that making your bed every morning make a huge difference! I’ve got the habit….I just wish I could get my boys to believe :o)

  2. Yes I believe it does make difference to one’s day (and night)

  3. So very true! I always feel that my days are more productive and get a better start when I make the bed in the morning. Crazy how something so simple makes such a huge difference on the outlook of the day!

    • I know, right? I LOVE simple little tips and tricks like this that make a big difference …with minimal effort!

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