Toddler Made Canvas Stenciled Bag

This year, for Halloween, Annabelle and I made a trick or treat bag to match her purple butterfly costume.

Stenciled Canvas BagI figured it would be a nice craft for us to do together and that after Halloween, she could use the bag for other outings.

Ab with Butterfly BagAt Michael’s I picked up a canvas bag, a butterfly stencil and three different shades of purple paint.

Butterfly Canvas BagI put the the different colored paints out for her with little sponge brushes.

Sponge BrushesThen I held the stencil in place so she could paint, letting her pick the colors as she went.  I told her to tap the brush instead of sweeping it along the canvas.  She was really careful to stay in the stencil and she kept repeating “tap, tap, tap” softly as she went.  We even used the inside of the stencil to make a few of the butterflies.

Canvas Bag BackI love how she mixed the different shades of purple to make each butterfly.

Butterfly DetailWith Christmas right around the corner, I’m thinking these would make really sweet gifts for a grandma or aunt.  They could use the bag for grocery shopping, running errands, etc.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Tonette Joyce says:

    Sorry I haven’t been visiting…it’s a zoo here! This is so cute, Kelly!

  2. it’s very pretty Kelly and I agree it would make a lovely Christmas tree too :-)
    (she looks adorable in her costume)

  3. These are lovely and would lend themselves to many themes. :)

  4. Donna Heaney says:

    That was a very cute idea. She looks adorable in her costume with her matching trick or treat bag!

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