Annabelle’s Art Party

In July, little Annabelle will turn FOUR.  I know all parents say this, but I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.  I have just started planning her family party and I realized I never shared with you all the details from her third birthday bash.

Annabelle’s 1st birthday party was a Garden Party.  Her 2nd was Sesame Street themed.  And her third was an art party.

As you know, she loves crafting away with me, so I thought an Art Party would be the perfect way to celebrate her turning the big three.  I shared her invitation with you awhile back, now here are a few highlights from her big day.


We have a large covered deck, where we set up the tables, the food and a crafting table for the kiddies.  Her party was right smack in the middle of a heat wave, so it was HOT.  Crazy hot.  I was afraid the crayons on each table would melt.

Crayons On Each Table

Thankfully our family and friends are amazing and battled the heat to help us celebrate.  As guest walked out onto the deck, Annabelle’s easel displayed a sign that read “Thanks for getting crafty with me”.  I decorated it with pictures of Annabelle painting.

Thanks For Getting Crafty With Me

I also hung pictures of Annabelle crafting throughout the party.

Pictures of Annabelle Crafting 2

I mounted each picture on different colored cardstock.

Pictures of Annabelle Crafting 1

Spilled paint cans made of plastic table clothes decorated the deck.

Spilled Paint Can Decorations

We drilled a hole in each paint can (which I found at Home Depot) and hung the pail on a nail.  Then I taped the plastic table cloths inside the cans and drapped the “paint” along the deck, securing it in place with nails.

Spilled Paint Can Red

They were really simple decorations that added huge splashes of color to the deck.

Instead of giving Annabelle’s little friends goody bags full of silly things that would probably end up in the garbage, I wanted to send them home with something special.  So I had aprons made with each child’s name on.  I hung them on the deck on a long ribbon using clothes pins that Annabelle had painted.

Close Up Of Aprons

I loved that they doubled as both decorations and gifts for the kids.

All Aprons Hanging

My hope is that each child gets a lot of use out of them helping cooking and crafting.  For a few of our friends with babies on the way, we had  “Our Little Masterpiece” onsies made.

Our Little Masterpiece Onsie

Both the aprons and the onsies were made by Lacey from Sew By L.  You can check out her sweeter than sweet shop on Etsy.  The aprons were already listed on her site, but the onsies were a custom order.  Both came out adorable and Lacey was lovely to work with.

A few framed quotes about art decorated the tables.

The Earth Without Art

This one is my favorite…

Every child is an artist...

For a little photo op fun for guests, I set up a frame with a sign that read “Be Your Own Materpiece”.

Be Your Own Masterpiece

I framed a few pictures of Annabelle posing with the frame so guests would know what to do.

Ab With Photo Frame

Using the same glass vases I used for her Sesame Street party centerpieces, I made paintbrush centerpieces for each table.

Paintbrush Centerpieces Pink

I’ll share a post about how I made these soon.

Paint Brush Centerpieces Blue

To keep the art theme going, I used paint chips to label things like plasticware, sunblock and bug spray.

Bug Spray Sunblock

I glued the paint chips onto paint stirrers.


On the deck I set up a kid’s table with different crafts.  We had:

Sand Art…

Sand Art

Here’s Annabelle getting into it…

Annabelle playing with sand art

We had Sticker Art and Water Painting…

water painting and sticker art

Off the deck we set up a kiddie pool, water table and a place for Chalk Art.

Chalk art

And then, of course, there was PAINTING!

T-shirts and canvas lined up

I got a large canvas for each child and a large white t-shirt for them to wear while painting.

Annabelle's T-Shirt

I wrote their name on the shirts on the back so they would look like jerseys and you could see all their names while they painted.   (I’ll share a how-to post on the shirts soon.)

Annabelle and Michael In Painting Shirts

I thought the t-shirts would be another cute thing for each child to bring home.  Annabelle wears hers all the time now when we are painting at home.

Annabelle Painting

When planning this party, this was the moment I was most excited for.

Painting 1

I was nervous that the kids might be too distracted to want to stop running around to paint.  But they loved it!

Painting 2

Every single child got into it and let their little artist rock out.

Sophia Painting

Mike took this picture of me giddy with happiness watching them all paint.

Me giddy

Leading up to Annabelle’s party, I started collecting egg cartons to use as “pallets” for the kids.  I cut each carton in half and gave each child six different color paints.

Paint Brushes and Egg Cartons

Annabelle was so into it she wanted to cover ever single inch of her canvas with paint, including the sides.

Ab Painting the side of the canvas

When all the little artists were done their canvases had gone from this…

T-shirts and canvas lined up

To this…

Painting 3

And just because I didn’t want anyone, including the adults, to leave without getting a little paint on their hands, I made Annabelle a Thumbprint Friendship Tree.

Thumbprint Friendship Tree

I had seen the idea on Pinterest  (a lot of people are now using these trees in lieu of a guest books at weddings) and thought it went in perfectly with the Art theme.  I found a bunch of trees I liked online, blended them together, and then free handed the tree and branches.

Next to the tree I set out two different colored green paint, wipes…

Give The Birthday Girl A Thumbs Up

… and a few signs so guest would know what to do.

Please leaf your thumb print


I tried to carry the art theme through to the food and drinks.  Here’s the sign displayed at the bar…

Creative Juice

Simple rainbow themed appetizers…

Eat A Rainbow

For lunch, as with Annabelle’s 1st and 2nd birthday parties, we ordered BBQ.  We’re just suckers for BBQ for an outdoor summer bash.  Here’s the menu:

Food For Starving Artists

The picture on the menu is of Annabelle painting the menu’s backdrop.  Yes, it was messy.

For dessert, or sweet inspiration as I was calling it…

Sweet Inspiration

… we had paintbrush rice crispy treats and fruit.

paintbrush rice krispy treats

And this amazing cake, made by Annabelle’s Aunt Janeen.

Art Party Cake 1I could not believe the amount of detail she put into it.

Art party Cake 3

She even made a little easel on which she displayed a lamenated copy of the pictures from Annabelle’s invitation.

Art Cake 2Absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you, Aunt Janeen!!

Art party Cake 4

Finally, I set out supplies so the kid’s could “make some edible art”, i.e. decorate cupcakes!  Messy, but so much fun!

It was an amazing day and our little artist had a blast.

ab painting canvas

Now off to plan her fourth birthday party!

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  1. Janet chmela says:

    Annabelle is lucky to have such a creative MOM!

  2. Donna Heaney says:

    It was a fun party and everything was so beautiful and creative! Can’t wait until birthday #4!

    • Thank you! Annabelle is VERY excited for her upcoming party…and VERY involved in the planning this year!

  3. That’s a creative birthday party. I’m sure the kids would have loved it. My daughter just turned one. I had a small party too but I regret that I didnt do anything creative to make it memorable. Never mind, there is always a next time. :)

    • Thank you! I have to say, they don’t remember anything about their first birthday party! This year, as I gear up for Annabelle’s fourth, she is very excited and very involved in the planning. I think this year’s party might be the first she will really remember. Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog.

  4. My kids are in bed with me at the moment and they were super interested in Annabelle’s party photographs on my laptop! My favourite is definitely the completed canvases all lined up on the grass. What a great idea for a party!

    • Thank you!!! I love that your little ones liked all the pictures! I love the one of all the painted canvases, too. I was so excited they got so into it…and I love how each child’s paining is so unique.

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