Art Party Centerpieces

For Annabelle’s 3rd Art themed birthday party, I made super easy Paintbrush Centerpieces.  As promised, here is a quick tutorial.

Paintbrush Centerpieces

First I took four square glass vases and different colored paint chips.

Paintbrush Centerpieces Before

These are the same vases I used for centerpieces for Annabelle’s Sesame Street Birthday Party.

Sesame Street Centerpieces

I traced the sides of the vase on the paint chips and cut them to size.  Next, I glued the chips onto each side of the vase.  (I used a few glue dots so I could easily remove them after the party.)

Paintbrush Centerpieces With Paint Chips

Then I took super cheap paintbrushes I bought at Home Depot.  You know the kind of paintbrushes you can’t actually paint with because the bristles come out?  Yeah, THOSE cheap ones.

Paintbrush Centerpieces - Glitter and Paint

Then using different colored paints and gold glitter, I dipped the tip of each paintbrush in paint and immediately in glitter.  Then I set the brushes aside to dry.

Once dry, I placed five brushes in each centerpiece, using glass beads I had on hand to keep them in place.

Paintbrush Centerpieces - Blue

The result was super easy (and cheap) Art Party Centerpieces!

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  1. Now THAT is a cute and clever idea!!

  2. Donna Heaney says:

    They looked beautiful as centerpieces and were so creative!

  3. You are SO clever, Kelly!!!!!!!

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