Advertising & Giveaways

Interested in learning about advertising on Cobwebs, Cupcakes and Crayons?  Do you have a giveaway you think my readers would love?  Great!  I’d love to hear from you.


On Cobwebs, Cupcakes and Crayons I write about organizing, crafting, entertaining and all things mommy.  If you think that your business or product is a good fit for my readers, I would love to discuss working with you.  Please send me an email at with a description of your product or business and a link to your website.  If I feel Cobwebs, Cupcakes & Crayons would be a good home for your ad, I will be happy to discuss rates and other advertising specifics with you.


Please note: I do not write reviews but I love hosting giveaways for products that I think my readers will love.  If you think you have a product that would appeal to my readers, please send me an email at  Please include a description of the product you would like to give away, any specifics requests you have for how the give away is hosted and a link to the product’s website.  If I think your giveaway would be something my reader’s would get excited about, I will be happy to discuss giveaway specifics with you.

Looking forward to working with you!