A Little More About Me

I love organizing.  When I say love, I mean Love, with a big ol’ capital “L”.  I Love the things about it that other people hate.  I Love alphabetizing CDs.  I Love rearranging bookshelves by subject and author.  If you let me, I will happily put your closet in color order and refold all your towels so the pretty folded sides face out.  Don’t even tempt me with your junk drawer.

I Love how removing all the unnecessary clutter from a space, can instantly make you feel less stressed.  Less overwhelmed.  I Love how much time being organized saves you by making things simpler, cleaner.  Plus, it just looks so damn pretty it makes me want to giggle and clap my hands like I’m happy and I know it.

In 2004 I had a novel idea: what if I turned my love of organizing into a job!

Since I wasn’t really sure how to begin, I decided to start with family and friends, offering to organize their homes in exchange for taking pictures and getting feedback.   It didn’t take much convincing.  Although most were clearly perplexed by my desire to purge their closets…to go through the dusty boxes in their basement…to tackle the scary closet in their guest bedroom that no one had opened in ages…everyone was pretty excited to let me at it.  Slowly, I started branching out beyond family and friends and pretty soon, with the help of some super generous word of mouth, organizing was my full time gig.

And I Loved it.

As silly as it may sound, I felt like I was helping people.  When I left a client, I felt like I had really made a difference in their day, their week, maybe even in some small way, their day-to-day life.  I mean one should never underestimate the power of an uncluttered home.  It makes it easier to think, easier to breathe, easier to BE.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I fell in love.  Good old fashioned, out-of-nowhere, fall-flat-on-my-face, in LOVE.  Quick-witted and quiet, Mike was so different than any other guy I had ever dated. You know when you meet someone and just simply being around them makes you happier…makes you calmer…makes you a better you?  Plus, the boy can make me laugh, full on, laugh-so-hard-it-hurts, belly laugh.  And really, what’s better than that?

In 2008, on a beautiful September day, Mike and I became a happy family of two.  We basked in the newlywed glow for the first year of our marriage, as I tried to get used to saying the word “husband” without breaking out into a ridiculous grin.  “Oh, my medical insurance?  Yes, it’s under my husband’s name.”  Giggle like an idiot as the receptionist looks at me curiously.  “Um, ok, your copay is $20.”

By our first anniversary we were ready for a little one, so in July of 2010 we were thrilled when our tiny family grew by one precious, baby girl.

They tell you that you will never know a love like the one you will have for your baby.  And you walk around, hand on your bump of a belly, cherishing the kicks, counting the days until you meet your little gift.  But nothing — no words, no songs, no poems –can prepare you for the feeling you have when you first hold your little baby in your arms.

Since Annabelle’s arrival, I’ve been a full time stay-at-home mama, spending my days with the little-love-of-my-life who we occasionally call, The Belle.  Of course with the arrival of a baby, comes a whole lot of chaos, so now my organizing addiction is focused solely on trying (and sometimes failing) to keep my own home in order.  I used to label my spices; now I occasionally leave the house with two different colored socks on.

This blog is my search for order in a mommy’s world…one craft, one project, one item on my to-do-list, one little girl’s giggle, at a time.